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New York Transportation Made Easy

March 27th, 2019

New York Williamsburg bridge by night

Need help finding your New York transportation?  If the answer is yes, you may need some tips to help you navigate your way around the famous city that “never sleeps.”

Upon Arrival

You arrive at JFK International Airport and wonder how you will be able to get downtown. Do you pick one of the hundreds of yellow cabs, which will most likely up-charge? Do you take a chance and use a ground transportation app when you land? Or do you book ahead and have your ride waiting for you when you arrive at the curb?

If you chose the last option, you are on the right track. With SuperShuttle and ExecuCar you can book ahead, pay ahead and plan ahead! New York City is one of the most visited places in the country and also sees some of the busiest streets when it comes to traffic. Booking your transportation ahead of time gives you an advantage because you will be picked up on time and have assurance of a ride when you arrive.

Once at your Destination

SuperShuttle black car service in New York CitySo you booked your SuperShuttle shared ride ahead of time and arrived to your hotel in a timely matter. Now you and your travel companion want a night on the town. Why not reserve luxury car service for the night? With black car service through SuperShuttle, you are able to reserve a block of time and have your own private driver for the night. You never have to worry about hailing the next cab, variable ride expenses, or watching the clock, because you can book a driver up to 7 hours long!

New York subway map

New York City is famous for its subway system, which is known to be very confusing for first-timers. The bus routes are winding, daunting and hard to follow. New York transportation can be stressful, but if you are planning on getting somewhere in the city for a day trip or even a sight-seeing adventure, you have the transportation option of SuperShuttle direct stop.  While SuperShuttle specializes in airport transportation, we also offer around town transportation otpions. Our drivers have a vast knowledge about each city they drive in and know the quickest routes possible.

Of course, if you are staying in the heart of NYC then your transportation option may be your own two feet. However, when your feet get tired, book your New York transportation ahead of time!

For first-time visitors to The Big Apple, navigating New York transportation can seem like a challenge. Honestly, in just a few days, you will find it completely easy. Millions of people make NYC their home, or at least a home away from home, and love exploring the many ways to get around. Just be patient and study those maps ahead of time. Having New York laid out in a grid helps tremendously! Of course, so does being able to book a SuperShuttle ride to get you right from JFK or LaGuardia into Manhattan or any New York borough or neighborhood.


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