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What to Expect with SuperShuttle Shared-Ride

March 21st, 2019

family boarding SuperShuttle shared ride

SuperShuttle got its start by providing travelers heading in the same direction with the opportunity to share a ride to the airport. From the very beginning, shared-ride was intended to offer a transportation option that was both cost effective and eco-friendly.  Nearly 35 years later, SuperShuttle's shared-ride service is now an established concept but can still be recognized as new for some travelers.

Not sure what a shared-ride experience will be like? Here are a few things to expect on a shared-ride with SuperShuttle.

Cost Friendly

The cost of travel can sometimes be overwhelming. If you have a family or are a solo traveler, then sharing a ride can help keep your ground transportation costs to a minimum. Not only will your wallet benefit, but you might even meet a few new smiling faces along the way! In addition, you can avoid pricey airport parking fees and daily rental car costs.

Scheduling Your Ride

SuperShuttle’s shared-ride service is set around schedule. We will collect your flight information when you book your ride in advance, which allows our dispatchers to automatically change your pick-up times in case your flight is delayed or cancelled. You have the option to schedule your ride via phone, online at supershuttle.com, or via the SuperShuttle mobile app.

Shared-Ride to the Airport

If you're heading to the airport, our dispatch team will match you with other local travelers going to the same airport. The shared-ride system works like this: Your driver will show up to your residence, hotel or popular landmark within a 15 minute pick-up window and help load your bags, then might stop to pick up a couple additional passengers on the way to the airport.

On your mobile device, you have the ability to see your ride coming on the map, this way it will help you pinpoint exactly when your ride will be there.

loading luggage into SuperShuttle shared ride

Shared-Ride from the Airport

Going home from the airport in a shared-ride is a similar concept. As soon as you land you will receive a text message with a link that will guide you to check into your ride. By checking in, you will let us know you have arrived and you are ready for your driver to pick you up. Simply follow the instructions, which will direct you to your van. For specific airport pick-up instructions refer to your itinerary or city specific location page on our website.

family in a shared ride SuperShuttle

Meet a Friend and Enjoy the Ride

Expect to see lots of new faces on your shared-ride. Make small chat or plug your headphones in and enjoy the ride. For more information on shared-ride, click here.

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