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Traveling With Allergies

September 25th, 2019

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When you have allergies, no matter how severe, it can make traveling a bit more complicated. Whether you have food allergies, allergies from nature or another type, you need to do a little more during the planning process and while you're on the trip.

Here are some of our best tips for traveling with allergies.

Tips for Traveling with Allergies

Pack Everything You Need

If you're traveling with food allergies or any other type, it's important to pack any items you need to take care of it. Depending on where you're going, you may not have access to the right items or medicines.

For severe allergies, make sure to pack an EpiPen. If you have allergies to flowers, grass and other natural allergens, bring some over-the-counter allergy medicine. These medicines can also help relieve hives and other skin rashes — just make sure to choose one that's non-drowsy so you don't get tired!

While you're packing, place these items in your carry-on. In case your luggage gets lost, you don't want to find yourself without your medicine. While you're going through security, you may need to notify the NSA about any special items or medications in your bag.

Learn the Words for Your Allergens

When your travel plans are to go abroad, you should learn a few phrases to explain your allergies, especially if you have food allergies. Learning how to speak and read words for your allergies can help you avoid eating the wrong foods or interacting in other ways with things you're allergic to.

To make it easier to remember these phrases, write them down on pieces of paper to keep with you or jot them down in a note on your mobile phone. That way, even if you forget, you'll have something with you as a backup. If the language is difficult, write out a phonetic pronunciation.

Do Your Research

Is there a certain plant that you're allergic to that blooms at certain times of year where you're traveling? Is one of your food allergies a common ingredient in the food there? These questions are a few you may need to ask yourself if you have allergies and are planning a trip.

A few different mobile apps can help serve as a guide to finding restaurants and other eateries that can accommodate your food allergies. You can pack your own snacks while you're flying with food allergies, but they'll run out eventually.

It can also be a big help to look for doctors in the area in case you do come into contact with an allergy. Finding a few highly rated urgent care centers or where the nearest hospital is will help you get through an emergency.

Learning as much as you can about the area where you're traveling, the local restaurants, your accommodations and more can make your trip much smoother. If you do more ahead of time, you can do less on your trip and just enjoy yourself instead of stressing.

Getting Peace of Mind When Traveling with Allergies

Any time you travel with severe allergies, you really just want to have peace of mind so that you can enjoy your travel. To help get that peace of mind, don't be afraid to tell the gate agents and the flight attendants about any severe allergies. Another great way to get peace of mind so you don't even have to worry about allergies is to choose to use a private non-stop shuttle to and from the airport over a shared-ride. A non-stop shuttle will ensure that you don't have to worry about anything that other travels may bring or open that may lead to allergic reactions.

While you're planning your trip, remember that you'll need reliable transportation to get to the airport on time. At SuperShuttle, we have a variety of shuttle options that can fit into any budget and meet any needs. Book your ride with us today to cover one more detail of your trip.

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