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How to Travel With Young Kids

July 5th, 2019

When you have young kids, it's tempting to leave them at home and either only travel with your older kids or your significant other. However, kids can benefit from stepping out of their comfort zone and experiencing a brand new culture, and you won't want to miss the opportunity to make memories with the whole family. Here are some tips to travel with kids and make the trip enjoyable.

Tips for Traveling with Young Kids

Travel Light

Traveling can quickly become difficult if you also have luggage in tow. You have to fit the kids and the luggage in your car and carry it through an airport. Things become even more of a nightmare if you check bags and have to get them at your destination. Instead, try traveling light by only using carry on bags. Try to stay in a place where you can do laundry, too, for even lighter luggage.

Consider a Road Trip

Another tip for traveling with kids is to try a road trip instead of flying. Sometimes kids aren't ready to go on a plane, and the process may seem scary and stressful. A road trip will help you stop and see places whenever your kids get tired of traveling. Plus, you have more space to pack snacks or other items that will keep kids occupied and happy.

Look for Activities With Animals

It's a fact that many kids love to see animals. Certain destinations are perfect for younger kids to experience the wild and see animals in their natural habitat. Try taking your nature lover to Yellowstone, Australia or Africa where they'll be sure to love seeing new animals. Even feeding ducks or chasing pigeons in a city can change a child's mood if they start to get fussy.

Keep the Same Routine

This is mostly a tip for younger kids, but you should try to keep them on a routine that's similar to the one you have at home. The most important is getting them to bed at night around the same time as normal. You can also try to keep mealtimes similar and provide snacks, so they don't get overly hungry in-between.

Let Older Kids Pick Their Activities

As your kids get older, they may have an idea about where they would like to spend your vacation. You can give them a say in the spot and also allow them to pick their own activities. The trip is as much for the kids as it is for you, so let them choose the things they want to do. Plus, the whole family can benefit when everyone is in a good mood and gets a little bit of what they want.

Stay in One Hotel

You may tend to hotel-hop to earn rewards at certain hotels or stay closer to certain attractions. While this is tempting, it's not a good tip for traveling with kids. Try to stay at one hotel, so you don't have to pack and unpack every time you move around. Your kids also need time to develop a level of comfort wherever you're staying, and they can't do that if you're only there one night.

Eliminate Unnecessary Travel Hassles

When traveling with young children the journey to and from the airport alone can be stressful. Packing the car, navigating to the airport, finding a parking space, unloading the car, getting the kids and luggage on a parking lot shuttle bus, finding space on a packed shuttle, and unloading the kids and luggage off the parking lot shuttle bus, all before you have even stepped foot in the airport. Stop the hassle and eliminate unnecessary stress. Instead, when traveling with young children choose a private non-stop airport shuttle. A non-stop shuttle will pick you up at your door, help load your luggage and drop you off right at the terminal curb, making life easier for you and your children when traveling.

Enjoy Traveling With the Whole Family

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