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Time Savers When Traveling

August 2nd, 2019

When you go on a vacation, you want it to last forever. Whether you just want to lay on a beach forever or you'd rather hike and see new locations, every trip can be enhanced by a few more hours in a day. While you can't exactly turn back the hands of time, you can follow some traveling time savers to accomplish more on vacation.

How to Save Time While Traveling

Avoid Parking at the Airport

First, skip the airport parking since it's both expensive and time-consuming. When you park at the airport, you may end up in an economy garage that's far away from the airport and be forced to take a shuttle to the main terminal. If you're already a last-minute traveler, this process could put you even more behind schedule and possibly cause you to miss your flight. Instead, go with an airport shuttle or black car service that will save you from parking and drop you off curbside at your terminal.

Fill Prescriptions Before You Travel

International travel is a wonderful, eye-opening experience that you'll remember forever. However, eating different foods, drinking unclean water and all the air travel can cause traveler's diarrhea. If you've traveled before and had issues, talk to your physician about filling an antibiotic prescription for you before you go. Doing so can save you time as you avoid visiting an international clinic or hospital.

Avoid Peak Travel Times

You can also save time traveling by doing your research on peak travel times. Shoulder season is the time between the peak and off-seasons, when plane tickets are cheaper and accommodations are easier to find. While off-season times typically have bad weather, shoulder season is more comfortable and will help you avoid waiting in long lines or wading through crowds of tourists.

Know Where to Go Ahead of Time

Even if you're not a planner, it can help to map out an idea of where you want to go once you get to your destination. You can save time by checking to see if places are open and looking at a map to find the best route. If you're using your phone, drop pins at locations you want to visit throughout the day so that you can simply follow the path you laid out for yourself.

Sign up for TSA PreCheck

One of the longest parts of navigating an airport is going through security. You can save time by using TSA PreCheck, which expedites low-risk travelers. Check to see if your airline offers it when you book your flight. If you're approved, you can go through a shorter screening line, and you won't have to take off your shoes, belt or light jacket.

Choose a Regional Airport

While large airport hubs give you more flights to choose from, there are benefits to flying in and out of a smaller, regional airport near your home. You'll typically find shorter security lines, less traffic and a faster check-in process that can make up for paying more. Make sure you check these airports before booking your flight.

Save Time Traveling Today

Following these time savers when you're traveling can help you stick to a schedule and enjoy every part of your vacation. If you want to get to the airport faster, try SuperShuttle. Our different ride options mean we have something for everyone. Book a ride today!

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