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What Happens to my SuperShuttle Ride if my Flight is Delayed?

March 27th, 2019

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When you pre-book your SuperShuttle, you will go through a few short steps online or on the mobile app. During the booking process, we will ask your for some of your flight details including:

    • The airport you will be traveling through
    • Your pick-up or drop off location
    • Domestic or international flight type
    • Flight date and time
    • Airline

Day of Travel

If you're heading to the airport...

It’s travel day and you have all of your bags packed and ready for your pick-up when you get a notification that your flight is delayed for 3 hours! You don’t want to arrive too many hours early to your flight, so what do you do when your shuttle is supposed to get you at that time?

If you booked a shuttle on the way to the airport, don’t panic. It is a simple repair if you find out your flight is delayed. Simply call our customer service line at 1-800-BLUE VAN and change your reservation, you must do this if you want a later shuttle. The customer care team can then give you an option of what time slots are available for your next pick-up.

If you're arriving at the airport...

If you are delayed getting into an airport, there is no need to worry. Remember, we collected your flight information and will know you are arriving later than expected! When you land, you will receive a text message to check-in for your ride via mobile device. Follow the steps provided to you on your mobile device to let us know you are ready for pick up. At most airports you also have the option to speak with an on-site SuperShuttle service representative. Either way, when you land from your delayed flight, check-in and the next available shuttle will be able to pick you up.

So if your flight is delayed, there is no need to worry about your shuttle. We are also a simple phone call away to reschedule your ride that best fits your new flight schedule. Thanks for riding with us!

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