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How to Prepare for Traveling Abroad

September 12th, 2019

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Even if you've gone on dozens of trips abroad, planning a trip to another country takes a lot of time and organization. When you're underprepared, you may encounter issues that you're not ready to get through.

Read on to find our best tips for traveling abroad, whether it's your first time or your hundredth.

Top Tips to Study Abroad

1. Update Your Passport or Visa

Double check to see when your passport or visa expires as soon as you plan your trip. Without these items, you don't have the proper documents needed to travel abroad. You may have to keep an eye on the expiration date before you book any hotels or flights, too. Depending on the country where you are traveling, you may need to renew it sooner than you think.

Some countries don't let you enter the country if your passport is less than six months from its expiration date. If your trip is planned to be within the time that your passport expires, renewing it sooner helps prepare for and avoid any last-minute changes or problems.

2. Check for Travel Warnings and Advisories

Seeing if there are any travel advisories or warnings will most likely not bring up anything serious, but it's still important to investigate. The United States government will issue these warnings and advisories about entire countries, cities and other types of specifications or advice for traveling to certain places.

If you do find something for your travel destination, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to cancel your trip. Certain levels of these advisories indicate to use increased caution. Others, though, will advise you not to travel there at all.

3. Do Your Research

Every country is different. Learning as much as you can about the place you're visiting will make a difference. From ensuring you avoid insulting the local people to finding great places to eat, you'll thank yourself for putting in the work ahead of your trip.

When you know more about the country you're visiting, you will feel much more confident during your trip. You'll know about the best ways to stay safe while having a great experience.

4. Pack Wisely

You need to be sure to choose the right things to bring when traveling abroad. Picking clothes that work best in the climate, bringing things to entertain yourself on the plane and being sure to follow airline guidelines are crucial to having a great trip.

Be careful not to overpack or under-pack. By overpacking at the beginning of your trip, your suitcase may be over the accepted weight, and you'll need to pay a fee or even buy more luggage. When you under-pack, you may not have everything you need, and it may be difficult to find items at your destination.

It's also smart to carefully consider everything you bring with you. Nice jewelry, electronics and mementos are nice to have with you, but you have to consider the possibility of them getting lost or stolen.

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