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Tips to Planning the Perfect Honeymoon Trip

April 18th, 2019

Once your wedding's over, so is the planning right? Not exactly. Whether you decide to go on your honeymoon right after your ceremony or a few months later, you need to talk about a destination, make travel arrangements and figure out what activities you both enjoy. Here are some tips to plan a perfect honeymoon.

Planning the Perfect Honeymoon Tips

Pick a Destination Together

Choosing a honeymoon destination has a lot to do with your shared value system. If you both love luxury and treating yourself while you're on vacation, you may choose an all-inclusive resort. If you both have a desire for adventure and experiencing new cultures, you may want a more remote destination. The important thing is to talk about a location with accessible travel routes that you would both enjoy.

Start Planning Early

Most experts recommend planning the perfect honeymoon six to nine months out, but that could change depending on where you're going and what time of year you'll be there. Booking outside of a location's peak travel periods could save you some money. However, you should check the weather forecast for the time you'll be there to ensure it's the best time to experience whatever your destination has to offer.

Craft an Itinerary and Activities

While not all couples want to plan their vacations down to the minute, you should block off chunks of time for certain activities. Planning a wedding can be stressful, so try incorporating a mixture of adventurous and relaxing options. To really bond on your honeymoon, try doing something new as a couple to commemorate starting a life together.

Consider Using a Travel Agent

A travel agent can make a big difference when planning your honeymoon. They will know all the deals and best places to stay, as well as what activities will make the trip truly memorable. If you're worn out from wedding planning, handing the honeymoon itinerary over to a travel agent can also help relieve some stress.

Leave Room for Surprises

Another tip to plan a honeymoon is to schedule surprises for your new spouse throughout the trip. While you should decide on the bulk of the trip together, it can be romantic to plan a special dinner or even a couple's massage as a surprise. Take some time to see what your hotel, resort or the surrounding area offers to add a little excitement to your honeymoon.

Don't Obsess Over the Reviews

The Internet can help you find the tips to plan the perfect honeymoon, but the reviews could scare you away from an otherwise great location. If you find old reviews, assume that the problem has been fixed if no one has recently left a poor review. If you see the same complaint over and over, it could be a reason to find a new place.

Treat Yourself to Better Travel

When it comes time to travel for your honeymoon, don't be afraid to treat yourself during your travel! A honeymoon trip is special and you should make sure to make it special at every step. Choosing to fly first class is a great treat and will make the travel and honeymoon even more enjoyable. Another way to treat yourself during the honeymoon travel is to book a black car shuttle service. A black car shuttle service will treat you to stress-free travel to and from the airport with an extra touch of luxury.

Use the Right Names

While you might be excited to try out your new name, be careful not to book your trip under your married name. You likely won't have time to change all of your legal documents, and there could be some confusion if your plane tickets don't match your passport or license.

Get Started Planning the Trip of a Lifetime

Your honeymoon may be the first long stretch of quality time you've had with your significant other since starting the wedding planning. Enjoy it by booking a black car through SuperShuttle. Our luxury travel accommodation is affordable and sleek, giving you the perfect start to your honeymoon. Book today!

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