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Memorial Day Travel Tips

May 22nd, 2019

While Memorial Day isn't the busiest travel day of the year, it's a time when many people take long weekend trips away. Plus, as the unofficial start to summer, it's the perfect holiday to drive to the beach or the mountains and experience warmer weather. Here are some Memorial Day traveling tips that can help you stay safe while you're heading to your destination.

Tips for Travel on Memorial Day

Take Advantage of Apps

Mapping out your route ahead of time can save you time and stress while traveling. Lots of people will leave early to try to beat traffic, but it doesn't always work. Apps such as Waze can help you optimize your route while you're driving using real-time traffic data. You can also use the Choice Hotels app to book hotels while you're on the road if you're not totally sure where you'll end up.

Plan for Kids and Pets

Kids will get distracted easily on a long road trip. You can keep them engaged by playing some audiobooks for children or bringing a couple of travel games for them to play. You should also plan what you want to do with your pets. If you bring them along, make sure you have food and water for them, and stop for plenty of breaks before ending up in a pet-friendly hotel.

Get Your Car Ready

A breakdown can really put a damper on your Memorial Day weekend. You should take precautions before you hit the road by checking your tire pressure, filling your tank and getting an oil change. You should also put an emergency safety kit in your car in case something would happen while you're driving.

Choose a Direct Route

If you're traveling for Memorial Day, take toll roads and use an electronic toll collection system line. These roads are often safer, and they have safety cameras that monitor the roadways. You can also skip the line by using electronic toll collection instead of stopping at a toll booth.

Pack Light

When you fly, you can save time by taking just a carry-on bag instead of checking bags. Doing so will help you avoid lines and fees, plus you won't have to worry about an airline losing your bags. Try packing just the essentials in a carry-on and buying the little things you need at your destination.

Find a Local Destination

If you know you want to head out of town for Memorial Day weekend, try picking a destination that's closer to home. You might be surprised by how many day trips and overnight stays you can find close to your home that are fun and cheap. Plus, you won't have to worry about traveling a far distance.

Enjoy Traveling

The biggest Memorial Day traveling tip we can give is to have a great time on your vacation and enjoy the warm weather. If you need an easier way to get to the airport, try taking SuperShuttle. Our different ride options are perfect for everyone, and we take the hassle out of finding airport parking. Book today to make your Memorial Day travel a breeze.

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