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Tips for Traveling With Large Groups

July 12th, 2019

Traveling with a large group of your friends or family members means you get to see the world with many of your favorite people. While this travel is a great time to make memories together, it can quickly turn stressful if you start bickering about where to go, how much to pay for a hotel and what flights you should take. Follow these large group traveling tips to help yourself enjoy traveling with your closest pals.

Travel Tips for Large Groups

1. Rent a House

Instead of looking for multiple hotel rooms, try booking an entire house. A home encourages more interaction among the group, and it gives everyone an option, from the ability to cook to getting kids to bed early in their separate bedrooms. Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO are all great sites to find homes for rent in your destination.

2. Plan Downtime

Traveling is already a tiring experience, much less when you're trying to look after a large group of people. Don't get too ambitious and pack every single day full of activities. Instead, make sure you plan time for rest throughout the day. Your travel companions will appreciate the time they have to themselves to either take a nap, read or do something solo.

3. Cover Details Ahead of Time

It's the small details that can make traveling with a large group difficult. Try to identify these factors ahead of time and make reservations as soon as possible. You should consider renting a car large enough to fit the entire group, picking adjoining hotel rooms or making reservations at a particular restaurant everyone wants to go to.

4. Split Expenses

Another large group traveling tip is to find a way to split expenses. Apps such as Tricount or Splitwise can help you log any receipts and will calculate how much each person owes. At the end of your trip, you can check to see who owes who money and get it all settled before you go home.

5. Make Your Own Must-See List

After spending so much on a trip, you want to make sure you're getting to see everything you want. Try making your own to-do list before traveling to ensure you get to see everything you want. Even if the group doesn't want to see it, you can plan a solo day for each person so that they can make the trip how they want it.

6. Find Group Discounts

Large group discounts are everywhere. Whether you want to find a discount for multiple hotel rooms or a certain activity, always check online or ask someone at your destination before purchasing tickets or booking rooms. You should also call ahead before showing up for a tour or other activity to make sure they can accommodate a large group.

7. Book a Non-Stop Shuttle

Transportation with a large group can be the biggest obstacle during any group travels. Taxis and ride-hails often can't accommodate larger groups. Public transportation may be confusing, stressful and unreliable for a large group. Instead, choose a non-stop private shuttle. A non-stop shuttle is perfect for large groups because it can accommodate a number of travelers, baggage, and schedules, able to take you to any destination.

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