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Holiday Travel Tips

November 1st, 2019

New Year's Transportation

The holidays are a beautiful time to spend with family and friends. Whether they live a state away or in a different country, you'll need to find a way to get there quickly without enduring too much stress. Follow these holiday traveling tips to make the most of your time on the road or in the air.

How to Travel on Holidays

Fly Direct to Avoid Delays

One of the problems with holiday travel is that you never know exactly what the weather will be like. Try to schedule direct flights so that you can avoid additional delays during layovers. Another good tip is to find an early or a late flight that will get you out of the rush of people trying to fly throughout the day.

Consider Traveling on Christmas Day

If you're flexible on where and when you travel, try looking at different airports and times for your flights. Christmas Day is an especially low travel day, meaning you may just find a ghost town. There are also great airline prices on Christmas Day that could help you save money on your flight and spend more on your Christmas gifts.

Don't Fly With Gifts

Speaking of gifts, leave them at home when you fly. Security often ends up unwrapping them, and any liquids, gels or foods won't be accepted. You also run the risk of accidentally damaging something if the gifts aren't packaged or padded well in your suitcase. Instead, try to give gift cards or ship gifts directly to your final destination.

Drive Early or Late

If you're driving, your best bet is to hit the road when everyone else is asleep. Leave either early in the morning or late at night to avoid heavy traffic on the way to your destination and on the ride home. You can always take a nap when you get there or on the ride there if you're not driving.

Bring a Spare Change of Clothes

When airports are crowded, there are more bags for workers to check, and there's more room for error. Make sure to prepare for the worst by putting a spare change of clothes in your carry-on. Even if your bags don't get lost, you can change into that set of clothes when you get to where you're going so that you don't feel as gross as a crowded airport.

Accept That Things Can Go Wrong

Most importantly, expect crowds, and expect that things will go wrong even if you follow tips for traveling during the holidays. The staff at the airports or rest stops also want to be home with their families, so be kind and remember that it's a busy season for everyone. Try not to get too stressed if things go wrong, and remember that you'll eventually get to your destination.

Plan How to Get to the Airport

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