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ExecuCar Things You Should Know

March 27th, 2019

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The big blue vans of SuperShuttle are a trademark and easy to recognize. SuperShuttle is easy to book and will provide our customers with top of the line service. What about the ExecuCar brand? The cars are more discrete but provide a wonderful experience for our customers as well. ExecuCar has different types of vehicles you can book in advance. Your choices include a luxury sedan or SUV and will come catering to your needs as a passenger. We know that traveling and getting places as a business professional is stressful. That is why taking our service will benefit you with your business travel or vacation travel.

There are a few different options that you can choose from when booking your ExecuCar. The first is a home/hotel airport pickup. If you want to arrive to the airport in luxury and style, make an ExecuCar reservation. The car will pick you up in front of your house or if you are in a hotel, they will pick you up in front of the lobby. Either way you will know when your car arrives and you will have a stress free trip to the airport. ExecuCar Luxury Black Car Service

Another option you are able to choose from is very exclusive. In most movies, you always remember the limo driver holding a sign up with the last name of the party they are picking up. That movie can become a reality for ExecuCar riders! You are able to book, what we call a “Meet and Greet” experience. The driver will be waiting at the baggage claim and be holding a sign with your last name on it. The driver will also take care of loading your luggage into the car and driving you safely to your destination.

The next option you are able to book is called a “Will Call” from the airport. When you book, you will get a confirmation email with the driver’s phone number on it. The will call means that when you have gathered your luggage at the airport and are ready to go, you dial your driver’s number and he will instruct you on where to meet and he will be there curbside to pick you up.

The next two services don’t have to involve the airport at all. Point to point service is exactly as it sounds. When you book your ExecuCar, you are able to specify what two points are needed. If you need to be picked up at your hotel and be dropped off at a restaurant, then we are able to accommodate that. The distance is what calculates the price beforehand! This is a nice way to get around town and be ensured a vehicle will be there for you. The last service is an hourly charter. If you have a day of traveling planned and you need a car the whole time, this will benefit you the most. There is an hourly rate and the driver will be able to chauffeur you around town with the hours you have scheduled.

With any scenario our customers are in, we try to accommodate. The amazing staff of ExecuCar makes every trip, for each individual customer, personalized and thought out beforehand. What makes it interesting is the fact that you are able to choose your vehicle. If you know you have a larger party and SUV would be a great solution. If you are traveling with just yourself or one other person, a smaller vehicle will suit your needs. Whatever your situation, we will make sure you enjoy your service and use us again in the future.

You can schedule your ride Execucar Or you can easily book your ride with the ExecuCar App. The best part about the services is the pricing system. The prices stay the same around busy times of the year, meaning there will not be a price hike due to the inflated number of travelers. You will not have to guess your price before you arrive to your destination either. ExecuCar is a comfortable and relaxing ride. You know that you are in safe hands with our professional drivers. We are reliable and most importantly we care about you! Choose from the options above and you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

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