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7 Tips to Improve Productivity on Business Trips

July 22nd, 2019

Traveling for business takes you away from the office — likely the place where you're most productive. It's also difficult to stay in your normal routine, which can throw off your ability to focus. These traveling business productivity tips can help you become successful, focused and productive even while you're on the road.

Tips to Be Productive on Business Trips

1. Prepare Before You Leave

The best way to stay on track is to prepare before you leave. Let your team members and clients know you'll be out of the office but available by phone and email at certain times. You can also set up an out-of-office message and designate a point person in the office to handle any requests while you're gone. Doing so will free up your time so that you can tackle only the most pressing issues.

2. Make a To-Do List

Whether you take a plane, train or car to your destination, use the time to make a to-do list. Leaving it until you get to a hotel could mean it never happens as you put things away, take a nap or grab a bite to eat. Flying is a great time to make a list of everything you want to accomplish when you get to your destination, especially if you don't want to purchase Wi-Fi.

3. Take Advantage of Down Times

There are multiple down times on a trip that you can use to your advantage. Whether you have time between flights or you're sitting on the beach, you can use that time to complete low-energy tasks. Try catching up on reading, answering emails or handling any administrative tasks, saving yourself time for high-energy tasks later.

4. Use Black Car Service

Along with taking advantage of down times, take advantage of the times you are traveling.  Even the drive to and from the airport is a great uninterrupted time to work. Commutes to the airport can be an hour or more. Take advantage of that time in the car. Instead of driving yourself or taking public transportation choose a black car service.  Black car service with ExcuCar will pick you up right at your home and drop you off right at the curb and the whole time in the car you can work in a private uninterrupted workspace.

5. Keep a Routine

Another business productivity tip while traveling is to try to stick to the routine you have at home, which can help your personal health and improve your level of focus. Although traveling can seem like an excuse to sleep in, you should leave that time for the weekend when you get home. Wake up at the same time, eat healthy meals and keep a similar work schedule to stay productive.

6. Skip Checked Bags

Checking bags can make your trip longer and more frustrating. Plus, there's always the possibility that an airline could misplace your bags. Instead, opt for just a carry-on so that you can control your bag and your time. Make sure you pack your work essentials in a purse or briefcase that you also bring on your flight.

7. Take the First Flight

When you're planning your travel times, try to catch the first flight out in the morning. An overnight flight can leave you physically exhausted and mentally drained when you arrive at your destination. Taking the first flight around 6 a.m. means you can still get a solid night of sleep and arrive on time.

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