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How It Works


Welcome aboard! Our blue and yellow vans take you to the airport from your home, office or hotel and bring you back after you land. We are able to keep prices low in exchange for some of your time and a shared ride with other passengers. SuperShuttle offers you a solution that is more convenient than lugging bags through public transit, or driving and parking at the airport, with prices that are generally more economical than a limo, private sedan, or taxi.

Our state-of-the-art automated dispatch system strategically routes you with others traveling to the same geographic area. This system is unique to SuperShuttle and gets you to your destination as promptly and economically as possible.

Make Your Reservations in Your Home City and at Your Destination

You can now make reservations to and from most major airports in the U.S., as well as the UK, France and Mexico. To see our complete list of cities and airports served, click here.

Reservations can be made here on our website, via Android or iPhone mobile app , or by calling 800 BLUE-VAN (258-3826). Phone lines are open 24-7.

To estimate your fare without booking, check out our fare calculator here.

Pricing for Shared-Ride Airport Shuttle Service

As mentioned above, we work to keep our pricing between the cost of public transportation and a private taxi cab ride. The example below shows a price comparison between our service and that of our competitors’ for a trip to San Francisco International Airport from a popular hotel near Fisherman’s Wharf.

While this example is specific to one city and rates do vary, the pricing differences shown below are representative of those found in the cities we serve across the U.S.

SuperShuttle Pricing Comparison

Please keep in mind that public transportation in some cities are limited and may not be conducive to traveling with luggage. Click here for a full breakdown of this sample trip .

From Your Home, Office or Hotel

Once you’ve made your reservation via web or phone, a SuperShuttle van will pick you up during the pre-arranged pick-up window, bring you to the airport and drop you off right outside your airline terminal. We schedule our pickups carefully to ensure you will make your flight in plenty of time.

Our 15-minute pick-up window means that the van will normally arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled pickup time. For example, if your pickup time is 10:00 am, the van will typically arrive between 10:00 am and 10:15 am. Please make sure that you are completely ready to go and waiting outside of your pickup location at the beginning of your scheduled 15-minute pickup window so that you will not keep other passengers waiting.

From The Airport

While reservations are not required from most of our airports, we have found that our passengers prefer to make reservations in advance to avoid the time and hassle of paying in the airport or on-board the van. Advance reservations also help us plan the number of vans we will need to serve our customers.

Click here to view a list of airports with different outbound processes.

Please note that if you book a reservation from the airport, this does not mean a van will be waiting for you when you arrive. Due to security considerations, most airports do not allow us to have vans lined up at the curb. However, we have vans waiting close by in a “holding lot” near the airport, just minutes away. Also a van or an alternative vehicle may not always be available, since in any given area or at any given time there are not an unlimited number of vehicles to service customer demand during low peak hours, so a customer may incur an extended wait time during those situations.

In some cities, you will find a SuperShuttle ticket counter or computerized kiosk inside the airport; in others, a member of our staff will be standing curbside to assist you. How to find SuperShuttle at the airport will vary, but the pickup process is simple:

Once you have your luggage, provide our representative with your confirmation number and/or last name.
Our representative will activate you in our system. This tells our dispatchers to route you with other people headed in your direction, whether they are waiting at your terminal or other nearby terminals.
The next available van will then be dispatched from our "holding lot" at the airport only minutes away, to pick you up, along with the others who have been assigned to your van.
Please expect a wait time while we route you and assign your van, and for your van to travel to your terminal. The actual time between check-in and boarding varies depending on the volume of passengers, the number of terminal stops, airport traffic and weather conditions. Our local representative will be able to give you an accurate wait estimate when you check in.
As soon as the van arrives at the curb, you and other shared ride passengers will be promptly boarded and you'll be on your way!

Airports with Special Arrangements

The following airports have a slightly different arrangement. Please use the links below to learn how our service works in these airports:

Luggage, Children and Pets

Each passenger is permitted two checked bags and two carry-on items free. If you have excess luggage, if your luggage exceeds 50 pounds, or if you will be bringing large items such as surfboards or golf clubs, extra fees may apply. Click here to learn more about luggage fees.

Children and Car Seats
While laws vary from state-to-state, we at SuperShuttle support the strongest safety standard by recommending that small children five years and under be secured in a child restraint seat for transportation. Additionally, SuperShuttle does not provide child restraint seats. It is the responsibility of a child's parent or caregiver to provide the Child Restraint System, per the local law. Click here to learn more about riding with children and child car seat requirements.

Smaller, kenneled pets are permitted on shared ride service and larger pets may require a private van. This excludes service animals. Click here to learn more about requirements for traveling with pets on SuperShuttle.

Travelers with pet allergies are advised that other passengers on your vehicle may be traveling with a pet or service animal.

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