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What Does Riding At Your Own Risk Mean?

Flight Delay Board Riding at Own RiskToday, to continue our series addressing our customers’ top questions, we’re explaining “At Your Own Risk.” This is a term that comes up only while booking shared ride outside of the recommended pickup times.

The term “At Your Own Risk” or “At Own Risk” means that the customer is taking the risk of missing their flight into their own hands, including the cost of missing the flight they are hoping to catch.

Since we are able to keep prices low in exchange for some of your time and a shared ride with other passengers, a critical part of the shared ride process is the timing of pickups for those customers heading to the airport.

While booking, our system automatically generates pickup times that ensure each customer makes it to the airport in time. These recommendations take into consideration multiple stops for other shared-ride passenger pickup, distance to the airport, normal traffic delays, and time needed to drop off passengers at their terminal.

While the recommended pickup times may seem early, this is part of our commitment to make sure each customer arrives at the airport in plenty of time to make his or her flight.

Customers also have the option to select pickup at an alternate time. When choosing a time outside the recommendations, however, even the smallest delays can throw off the timetable and we can no longer guarantee the reservation. As a result, we do not recommend this option as you may miss your flight.

Using our recommended pickup times, customers occasionally arrive early to the airport. For customers who prefer to leave at a time that is convenient for them, we offer two direct transportation options: private shuttle vans, and sedan service through ExecuCar. Direct transportation is a higher cost because of its personalized nature but, for some people, it’s worth it.

For more information on the shared ride process, you can visit the How it Works section of our site.

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Posted 1 years 168 days ago by Shauna     6 Comments

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  • Peter 27 days ago
    I had a reservation to go to LAX on 3/14. The scheduled pick up time was 4:01 am - 4:16 am. I waited until ~4:25 am before calling to find out the status of the van (#938 as I recall). I was told that the driver estimated he was one minute away. He did not arrive until ~4:37 am. To me that difference is more than one minute. Whilst the delay didn't annoy me, the fact that I felt I was lied to did. The driver can hardly use the excuse of traffic at that time in the morning in Pasadena as there was hardly a car on the road. Why can't the drivers simply tell you the real wait time?

    • ltrahan 27 days ago
      I'm sorry for the unpleasant ecounter you've experienced with our operators. The unprofessional behavior presented by our operator is inexcusable. I'd like to put you in touch with our Customer Care team, if you've not done so already. Please Click Here

  • Kiran 303 days ago
    The last two times we booked our shared drive super shuttle to the airport, we went ahead with the recommended timings but still the driver has numerous stops which made us miss our flight. I think when the recommended timings are given, they need to schedule the pick ups as per the customer's flight timings as we do provide these details upfront before booking our shuttle. I just hate the way they schedule their pick up. Just because 10 people asked you, you cannot pick everyone when you gave a recommended time slot for an other person and he's going to miss his flight. Especially with the traffic in Houston.

    • Shauna 303 days ago
      I'm sorry to hear you missed your flight both times, Kiran. That's very unusual. Have you spoken with customer care about refunds, etc? If not, click here to do so. If you choose to book with us in the future, you can always call to request an earlier pick-up time than those listed, or book a private ride with no additional stops.

  • Rick Beaver 1 years 167 days ago
    Speaking for myself, I have always taken a shuttle at the recommended times. However, your drivers always arrive late. And there is not that much traffic in Los Angeles when they arrive to pick me up between 3 and 4 AM. I do not know if some of your drivers start their shift late or what. I personally feel the supervisor or manager of the dispatchers need to do a better job of seeing that drivers show up on time. As a suggestion, after customers use your service perhaps Super Shuttle should send out surveys on line to find out how the customer felt about the service that they received.

    • Shauna 1 years 167 days ago
      Rick: I'm sorry about the delays you've been experiencing in LA. I'll forward your comments onto the GM there. As for the suggestion, followup surveys are something we've considered and I'll pass that suggestion over to the customer care and marketing teams. In the meantime, we encourage customers to submit their experience via our feedback form []. We are always working to improve and customer suggestions are critical to that process. Thank you!


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