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NYC Operations for this Weekend November 3 and November 4

All NYC airports are open but are running only limited arrival and departure flights. Additionally, traffic situations are extremely challenging. Public transportation services have begun to reopen, but many city access points are still closed. Traffic is still very heavy, causing lengthy delays.

Additionally, the NYC Marathon is still scheduled to take place on Sunday, November 4th, despite the recent storm damage, and race accommodations will likely add to the existing challenges.

SuperShuttle services for Saturday November 3rd are closed to new reservations. This applies to the following airports:

  • John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
  • LaGuardia International Airport (LGA)
  • Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP)
  • Newark Liberty International (EWR)

Private sedan services, through Ecar, are closed currently to new reservations and will remain closed through Monday, November 5th.

We encourage all travelers to call their airline prior to booking airport transportation to verify the flight status as not all airlines have restarted service. If your flight is scheduled to continuing as scheduled, please be prepared for major road delays both to and from Manhattan.

For more information on the state of NYC airport operations, please check out the Port Authority Alerts.


Limited service is due to a mounting fuel shortage in the NYC area. Restrictions may be lifted at any time if fuel supplies become more readily available.


The NYC Marathon has been cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. Service restrictions noted above still apply.

Posted 2 years 145 days ago by Shauna from SuperShuttle     10 Comments


  • Steve 2 years 143 days ago
    Will SuperShuttle be honoring reservations for shared van trips from JFK into Manhattan on Sunday, 11/04/2012? What is the current status of operations?

    • Shauna from SuperShuttle 2 years 142 days ago
      Steve: I apologize for the delay. To my knowledge, we were up and running for prepaid reservations all weekend. If you had any issues, please email us directly at

  • Toshiko 2 years 144 days ago
    I have confirmed that my flight from Tokyo will be on schedule so far and booked your shuttle on the 5th Should I be worried?

    • Shauna from SuperShuttle 2 years 142 days ago
      Toshiko: We are fully operational and should be able to honor your reservation today. Delays are still a concern, however, as there are a lot of traffic restrictions. Please be prepared for delays. Thanks for booking with us!

  • pat 2 years 145 days ago
    Any problems with existing reservations going from EWR to Manhatten for tomorrow evening. I also have a shuttle from Manhatten to JFK monday morning. It is scheduled 4 hours before flight. Should i plan for more time?

    • Shauna from SuperShuttle 2 years 142 days ago
      Pat: The delays continue because of the closures and congestion. Four hours should be enough time, as long as it is a domestic flight. If you have any more concerns, please call us at 1-800-258-3826.

  • Gabriela 2 years 145 days ago
    I've already reserved a van for 11/3. Do I need to worry about the restrictions? Thank you!

    • Shauna from SuperShuttle 2 years 145 days ago
      Hi, Gabriela. Existing reservations are being served. If you're being picked up in NYC, we advise you to check with your airline before we pick you up, as many airlines are still operating limited flights... If for any reason we are unable to make your reservation, dispatch will notify you well in advance. You can also call us 24-7 at 1-800-258-3826

  • Susan Morrison 2 years 145 days ago
    So, reservations are closed for 11/3, but what about tonight (11/2)? It looked like the wesite was going to allow me to book the ride. Thank you

    • Shauna from SuperShuttle 2 years 145 days ago
      Susan: The restrictions apply to this weekend only. Thanks!


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