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How Do I Change My SuperShuttle Reservation?

Changes Ahead Road SignIf you have booked a reservation to use one of our services and want to change part or all of your reservation, the simplest way to make changes is to cancel your original reservation online and book again with your new requirements. Prior to the start of the cancellation policy time window, this can be done easily online, 24-7.

You can also call our call centers at 1 (800) BLUE VAN (258-3826) anytime. Phone lines are open 24-7.

Changes May Affect Total Price

Because the details of the trip determine its price, there is a good chance a change to your reservation will affect the total cost of your ride. Changes that typically affect the total cost include: change in airport; change in pick-up location; change in number of passengers traveling on the same reservation; addition of passenger stops (this results in a private charter reservation), and change from shared ride to private service and vice versa.

Other changes, such as requesting an earlier or later pick-up time, or booking for a different day, will likely not affect the price of the reservation.

Note: If the total amount does change on a prepaid reservation, the original reservation must be cancelled (this fare is refunded), and a new reservation must be made.

Time Limits on Changes

Please be sure to review our cancellation policy before cancelling. We are able to accept cancellations up to two hours before your scheduled trip. Changes to a reservation made within two hours of the scheduled pick-up time may result in additional fees.

For reservations from the airport, minor changes in flight arrival times are relatively common and are typically accommodated. Click here to learn more.

Need Help?

If you have additional questions or need assistance, contact us and we will be glad to walk you through the cancellation process. 

Please do not email us for changes within 24 hours of the scheduled pick-up time; call 1 (800) 258-3826 instead.

Posted 1 years 235 days ago by Kelly     9 Comments


  • Siva Prasad 235 days ago
    I need to change the number of passengers(4 to 5) and bags(10 to 12) in a exclusive private van reservation... Will I incur any additional charges ??

    • Linda from SuperShuttle 233 days ago
      Thanks for your inquiry, Siva! Reservation changes and updates can be completed by contacting our Customer service line at, 1-800-258-3826 24 hours in advance. Additional fees would depend on the changes made.

  • Siva Prasad 235 days ago
    I need to change the number of passengers(4 to 5) and bags(10 to 12) in a exclusive private van reservation... Will I incur any additional charges ??

  • Isabelle 266 days ago
    What is the policy for changing from 1 bag to 2 bags? (I have 2 weeks until my departure date)

    • Shauna from SuperShuttle 266 days ago
      Hi Isabelle! You're allowed 2 carry ons (lap items) and 2 checked items up to 50 lbs as part of your booking. There's no need to adjust your reservation.

  • Amy 1 years 193 days ago
    Can I make a change in the drop off/pick up for a roundtrip airport transfer on here, rather than cancelling and making a new reservation?

    • Shauna from SuperShuttle 1 years 190 days ago
      Amy: You can call to change the pick-up address for rides to the airport or the drop-off address for rides from the airport, and to change flight numbers. If there is a change to your pick-up time, flight time, arrival time, the reservation will need to be cancelled and re-booked as a new reservation.

  • Webster Kiang 1 years 233 days ago
    re: confirmation # 2931034 My arriving date and time has no change, but please Change of arriving flight number to UA 804 ( which I previously entered incorrect flight # of UA 9684). Sincerely, Webster Kiang

    • Shauna from SuperShuttle 1 years 232 days ago
      Webster: This change was made and you'll receive and email confirmation with the details. Please note that we do not monitor this blog 24-7 and if you make changes in the future, please do them online, by phone or via the email address on our contact page. Thank you!


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