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Best Ways to Save Money on Summer Travel

summer 2014 budget travelIt's summer! The weather’s gorgeous, responsibilities are fewer, the kids are out of school, and you’ve got two weeks of unused vacation time; it’s the perfect recipe for travel! The only thing keeping many people from taking that summer vacation they desire is the price tag.

Traveling on a budget is rewarding, fun, and entirely worth the extra planning steps. Plus, all the money you’re saving can be put toward next year’s summer vacation… Win-win. Check out these easy tips on how to save money during your summer travels. Bon voyage!

Know When to Buy

You’d be surprised how much of a difference a few weeks, even a few days, can make when booking your airfare or hotel. Avoid booking around major holidays, like 4th of July weekend as airlines tend to raise prices significantly in preparation for the high volume of expected flyers. Flying or booking a stay on a weekend automatically hikes up the price, so try to start your vacation mid-week for the best deals. says that the best prices are available on Tuesdays around 3 p.m., and that reserving your spot eight weeks in advance yields the highest discount. If you don’t already, be sure to use a fare comparison service like Kayak to make sure you can scout out the least expensive trip. 

Look Past Hotels

Sometimes getting the best deal on lodging requires a bit of creativity, and you’ll have to look past the typical hotel price guide. Sometimes, you’ll have to look past hotels themselves. If you’re trying to book a vacation without escalated hotel fees, try looking at rental homes and apartments, home swaps, or hostels instead. Because the rentals are by the owner, you’re able to cut costs by avoiding taxes and fees. Plus, you’ll get the benefits of living in a fully furnished home (and kitchen!) for the same price as an unimpressive hotel room. Check out services and sites like Air BnB, Homeaway, HomeLink, and vrbo to get started. 

Eat Smart

Eating out adds up quickly. And on vacation, where the last thing on your mind is cooking your own meals, sitting down at a restaurant for every meal can get pricy. Instead, scout out the local area for a grocery store where you can buy and prepare your own food, which can save up to $10 per person per day! You don’t necessarily need a kitchen, either – public parks usually have grilling stations where you can have your own picnic. If you want premade food without the restaurant price, stop at a deli to get foods you and yours can eat on the go. Did you know that lunch prices in most cities are 30% lower than dinner prices? If you’re going to eat out, make lunch the primary meal of the day to save some cash.

Live Like a Local

It’s the #1 travel tip for a reason! When you visit a new city, the ultimate goal is to get to know the area and explore the local culture – find out what makes it it. Tourist traps are real, and do a fine job of enticing newbie visitors to spend exorbitant amounts of money on something that – let’s be honest – may not be worth the price. How often do you see local residents at these places? Take a page from their book and seek out the road less travelled. We guarantee it will present you with hidden gems, amazing experiences, and stories you can bring home with you. And the best part is, it will save you money. Tourist traps can get away with charging such high prices because the average tourist doesn't know any better and so will pay the higher price. Take your vacation into your own hands. Do some research, talk with some locals, and figure out how to tailor your vacation to be exactly what you want it to be!

Never Underestimate Travel Agents

Especially if you’re booking a cruise. Although the services of a travel agent cost extra money, they may pay for themselves in the savings you’ll receive. Because of the relationship travel agents have with cruise lines, you’ll be able to get upgraded rooms, free perks, and other great deals that nobody else has access to. Plus, cruise loyalty reward programs can hook you up with hundreds of dollars in discounts, drink tickets, members-only events, and coupons. Definitely worth it.

Save on Transportation

Rental cars are expensive. Gas is expensive. Private cars are even more expensive, and navigating an unfamiliar public transit system with family and luggage can be stressful. If you’re flying into the airport, book a SuperShuttle ride to your hotel, rental home, condo, hostel, or anything in between to save money, time, and hassle. Especially in a city where driving is inconvenient or frustrating, renting a car can bog down your transportation bills. SuperShuttle is commitment-free and there when you need it. Even better, we probably serve the location you’re in. Check out our full list of locations here. Click here  to reserve your ride today!

What are some of your favorite ways to ensure you’re getting the best deal on summer travel? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below! 

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  • Jasmine 286 days ago
    Great car care tips. Regular preventive maintenance is probably the single thing we can do as a car owner to keep our ride happy and save money on expensive repairs in the future.

  • Luke 308 days ago
    This sums up pretty much everything that is necessary to save money. Especially for the ones who travel longer for the first time.

  • Luke 308 days ago
    This sums up pretty much everything that is necessary to save money. Especially for the ones who travel longer for the first time.

  • Linda from SuperShuttle 344 days ago
    Thanks for sharing, Daisy! The information you've provided was very informative.

  • Daisy Smith 346 days ago
    These are Most important tips for saving money and also may save you sometimes from the frauds. This is correct thing people should be stay conscious during dealing with the booking agent, but some time you will get more discount and offers above your expectation.


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