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Announcing our 2014 Summer Lifts Sale

SuperShuttle Summer Discount SaleAre you on the lookout for some hot deals this summer? Keep cool and let us take care of your airport transportation. SuperShuttle is excited to make our low-priced shuttle rides even more affordable with our Summer Lifts Family Fare Sale!

From June 1 to August 31, you can enjoy 10% of your shared-ride shuttle fare to and from any of our 40+ airport locations. Plus, earn airline points or miles with our airline partners.

Whether you're booking a ride from your home to the airport, or from the airport to your hotel, let us take the wheel!

To receive the discount, book online or through our mobile app with discount code RIDES. Keep in mind that phone reservations do not apply.

With the extra cash in your pocket, who says you can’t treat yourself to something cool during these hot months?

We’re all about trying to save money during our summer travels. Stay tuned for our blog post about it coming soon.

Posted 354 days ago by Shauna from SuperShuttle     11 Comments


  • Gordon McNevin 248 days ago
    Hmmmm I used RIDES and got it to work 2nd time but not first time.

    • Linda from SuperShuttle 247 days ago
      I'm sorry for the inconvenience, Gordon! Our RIDES code has unfortunately expired. But yearly savings can be made by searching the web for SuperShuttle.

  • Vanessa 254 days ago
    Hello, I am trying to use the RIDES discount code to book a shuttle for tomorrow and receive the error message that the code expired. According to this website the code is valid for sept. Please respond so I can book the shuttle. thanks, vanessa

    • Shauna from SuperShuttle 253 days ago
      Hi Vanessa, sorry for the confusion from the comments below. This code was valid for the summer only and expired 8-31-14. We offer two annual sales, the other being January to March. You might want to try to google "supershuttle discounts" to see what comes up! ;)

  • Kris 260 days ago
    Is there a current discount code that is good for September bookings?

    • Shauna from SuperShuttle 253 days ago
      Hi Kris, sorry for the confusion. This code was valid for the summer only and expired 8-31-14. We offer two annual sales, the other being January to March. You can also try to google "supershuttle discounts" where you may find others to use ;)

  • Mary Devine 337 days ago
    I used the online system to make a reservation for my daughter (Jacqueline Devine #8578214) after completing her reservation I registered as a member and was reviewing your site when I discovered the Summer discount (RIDES). I called and was told they could not give me the discount unless I canceled the reservation and then went back in and rescheduled. I called within an hour of making the reservation and find this ridiculous. The hallmark of good customer service is meeting the customers needs not having the customer jump through hoops to meet yours. That is not the way to gain or keep customers. Your clerk was perfectly polite and was able to add my daughters sowest rapid rewards number she should have been able to credit my account for the 10 percent as well.

    • Linda from SuperShuttle 337 days ago
      Mary: I'm sorry for the inconvenience. At this time additional discounts cannot be added to pre-booked reservations, unfortunately like the associate stated you would have to cancel your reservation in order to add any additional discount codes. I’m glad to hear we were able to add the rapid rewards. Once again I’m very sorry we couldn’t accommodate your request.

  • Linda from SuperShuttle 352 days ago
    Correction! The "RIDES" code can be used for residential and hotel pick-ups.

  • Linda from SuperShuttle 353 days ago
    Peggy: I'm sorry for the inconvenience our service has caused. Unfortunately at this time the "RIDE" code does apply to residential pick-ups only.

  • Peggy 354 days ago
    This code didn't work when I trying to place a reservation on your website. I called your 800 number and was told "RIDES" only applies to pick up from residential, not from hotels.


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