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Travel Agency Requirements For Participation

SuperShuttle / ExecuCar Travel Agency Commission Program is designed to work with and recognize large high volume travel agencies. This is not an automated affiliate program and typically not a productive endeavor for smaller low volume retail travel agencies.

To be eligible to participate in the SuperShuttle/ExecuCar commission program the following criteria must be met: Please check each box on the list below to confirm your eligibility and understanding of the program. (This is required for your application to be accepted and transmitted to us for processing.)

1. Credentials: You must have an active IATA or CLIA number. If you work for a host agency you must have their authorization to receive commissions using their credentials.
2. Quarterly Sales Minimum: A minimum of $1,000 in gross bookings of qualified transportation services are required each quarter to qualify for commissions (Standard agency commission of 10%). No commissions are payable unless this minimum volume is achieved each calendar quarter. Sales volume falling below this minimum will not be processed. Commission codes are deactivated after 2 successive quarters that fall below the minimum requirement.
3. IRS Form: A W-9 must be on file with us. Please click the link below to download a W-9 form from the IRS and scan and email it back to us. This is the preferred method. If you are unable to scan, then you can fax the completed form back to us at 480-607-9376.
ATTENTION: Credit Collections Manager. Click here to download the form: IRS-W9.pdf. Those companies outside the US are not required to submit this form.
4. Vendor Commission Form: You will also need to download and complete a Vendor Commission Request form. This is used for issuing your quarterly commission checks. No commissions are paid to agencies that do not maintain $1,000 in gross bookings each quarter, selling SuperShuttle and or ExecuCar sedan services. Click here to access the form: Vendor Request Form.pdf
5. Understanding: I have read and fully understand the requirements for participation in the retail travel agency commission program.

Thank you. Now, please proceed with completing the application below.

NOTE: To avoid delays in processing your application be careful to enter upper and lower case text in all data fields. DO NOT enter all caps or all lower case text or your application will not be processed.

Carefully review your application before submitting. Common errors that result in rejection are incorrect email addresses or incomplete information, such as a missing IATA number or Federal Tax number.

Travel Agency Account Application

INSTRUCTIONS: Start your application here. To avoid delays in processing your application, be careful to complete ALL data fields. Use upper and lower case typing. DO NOT capitalize all letters or enter only lower case. Be careful to spell check and ensure that you enter a valid email address.

Company / Agency:
(What is the name of your company and
is it an LLC, C Corp, etc.)

Physical Street Address:
(Requires a physical street address.)


State or Province:


Zip Code:
(Postal Code)

Your First Name:

Your Last Name:

Your Title:
(Owner, Admin Assistant, VP, etc)

Agency Website:
Your Email:

Your Direct Phone Line:

Your FAX Number:

IATA Number:

Fed Tax ID Number:

Will the commission check be paid to the agency listed above or to the individual agent. Please note that additional IRS forms may be required for commission payments made to individual agents:
(In order to process monthly commissions the entity or individual receiving the commission must be designated here.)

Name of Agency Owner:

(How many locations does your company have?)

Is this your headquarters location?
How many years has your company been in business?

What is your primary market?
(Which segment represents the majority of your business?)
What is your secondary market?
(Which segment represents the majority of your business?)
Do you focus on domestic or international travel?
(For example, if your agency focus is on inbound international travel we have a better idea on how we can assist you with the needs of your travelers.)

Key Accounts:

NOTE: This is an open area where you can add any questions or comments related to your application.

Please allow 5-7 Business days for processing your application.


Thank you for your interest in SuperShuttle and ExecuCar!