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Buckle Up This Holiday Season

Buckle Up Safety ProgramRecent customers may have noticed our airport staff and vehicle operators wearing buttons, jackets, and other insignia with the logo, “Buckle Up!” Those with a keen eye may have even noticed some changes to our reservation process, such as friendly reminders asking for the same. This is part of a new, nationwide safety campaign designed to improve safety belt usage among our customers. As part of this initiative, we wanted to send out a reminder about the importance of buckling up in our vehicles, and all vehicles for that matter.

As most people are aware, the use of seat belts reduces the risk of serious injuries from sudden stops or collisions.  According to the United States Transportation Department, “Every 1 percent increase in nationwide safety belt use means a savings of about 250 lives.” (Source)

Recent years have seen a big jump in safety belt usage, and a related decline in motor vehicle fatalities. As of 2009, an average of 84% of the population wears their seat belt regularly. This is a dramatic increase from the late 1970s, when the average was 11%, but it still means that 16% of the population is at greater risk. Imagine if just a few more people chose to wear their seat belts every time?

While each state’s laws differ, we require all of our vehicle operators to wear seat belts while in motion. This is both for their safety, and to lead by example. The safety of our customers is our highest priority. While the national statistics are promising, and continue to rise, we would like to see our customers top that number by wearing seat belts 100% of the time. It’s our hope that this initiative will help make this a reality.

With the rush of the holidays approaching, and the travel season upon us, we ask that you take a moment when getting into any vehicle to make sure your seatbelt is clicked and fitting snugly. Make it a part of your routine, after you’ve checked your purse or coat pocket for your travel itinerary, or placed your keys in the ignition for a long drive. This one little action could mean the world of difference.

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