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How Our Austin Location Goes Green

Austin SuperShuttle Recycles

Austin, Texas is home to one of our biggest and most successful fleets. Below are the many ways they ensure an earth-friendly work environment:


Recycling is a top priority at our counter at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA). While our company as a whole works toward becoming paperless, there is still a lot of printing in the form of fare tickets, receipts, and so forth. Whenever they can, the team at ABIA makes sure to toss recyclables in the right place.

Top left: James Battle, Lead Guest Service Representative at AUS airport. Bottom right:  Clarence Ervin, Independent Contractor

CNG Vehicles

As some of our locations make the switch to propane, many others are switching to CNG.

The biggest project Austin’s local management is working on is the introduction of CNG vehicles to the fleet.  The first two CNG vans rolled in during late March 2014, and the team is expecting eight more over the next few weeks.  The team’s goal is to add 20 more by the end of 2014. Similar to propane, CNG saves our vehicle operators money on fuel. 

Switching to natural gas is about more than cost savings, though. The biggest advantage is that they reduce environmentally harmful emissions. Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) can achieve up to a 93 percent reduction in carbon monoxide emissions, 33 percent reduction in emissions of various oxides of nitrogen, and a 50 percent reduction in reactive hydrocarbons when compared to gasoline vehicles. NGVs that operate in diesel applications can reduce PM10 emissions – which transport and deposit toxic materials through the air – by a factor of 10.

Remember: Blue and Yellow = Green!

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