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Customer Care Submitted a Case for Me. What Happens Now?

SuperShuttle Customer Care RepresentativeIn moving over eight million passengers a year, we get a lot of feedback – good and bad. As a result, we work hard to capture and respond to customer comments. We invite customers looking for follow up from our customer team to contact us via our online feedback form. You can also email or call using the information provided on our contact page.

Our quality assurance system is built around this feedback, which we refer to as cases. Even our positive comments are turned into a case in our database, and the compliments are shared from there with the employee or team responsible.

Once a feedback is submitted online, you’ll receive an automated reply via email to let you know your submission was received and that we’ll be in touch with you shortly. This begs the question: What’s next?

Case Processing

The nature of cases varies from customer to customer, but the standard process is this:

  1. You let us know what you thought.
  2. We let you know we received your comments.
  3. We follow up with a resolution by phone or email.

If for any reason you did not experience a step in the process, contact us so we can make sure it’s addressed as quickly as possible.


Depending on the nature of your experience, follow up might be required from our advanced customer care team known as Customer Advocacy. If this is the case, you’ll be contacted by an Advocate via phone or email, and he or she may ask for more details to help figure out the best way to assist. If they've asked you for additional information, or for copies of receipts to determine values for a requested reimbursement, please reply with full details as quickly as possible to ensure a timely resolution.

Refund Processing

If our team responded to let you know a refund is on its way, it may take a few days depending on method of payment and your financial institution. Click here to learn more about refund processing.

Lost Items

If you've left an item behind in a vehicle, Advocacy will work with the local team on your behalf to try to track the item down as quickly as possible, and will follow up with you if the item is found. If the item is lost during the weekend or overnight, please contact the local team directly so the search can begin immediately.

Got a question? Hit us up in the comments below. If it’s specific to a case, please avoid posting any personally identifiable information, such as confirmation or case numbers, and contact Customer Care directly for prompt response. Unlike our call centers and email, this blog is not monitored 24 hours a day.

Posted 1 years 157 days ago by Shauna from SuperShuttle     18 Comments


  • Concetta 292 days ago
    Good morning, may i have please a direct e-mail contact of your Case management team please? Regards Concetta Concetta 6 days ago Good morning, my reference for a follow up from your Case Management team is 561954 Any feedback for us now? Client is Mrs Gaia Accoto. Many thanks Concetta Customer Relations Department Reply

    • Linda from SuperShuttle 292 days ago
      Hello, Concetta! Our Case Management team can be contacted by emailing I will also be forwarding this contact request to our Customer Care team and one of our Case Managers will be in contact.

  • Concetta 298 days ago
    Good morning, my reference for a follow up from your Case Management team is 561954 Any feedback for us now? Client is Mrs Gaia Accoto. Many thanks Concetta Customer Relations Department

  • Concetta 304 days ago
    Good morning, my reference for a follow up from your Case Management team is 561954 Any feedback for us then? Client is Mrs Gaia Accoto. Many thanks Concetta Customer Relations Department

    • Linda from SuperShuttle 304 days ago
      Concetta: I'm sorry for the inconvenience our service has caused. I've forwarded your additional feedback to my management team. One of our Case Managers will be in contact as soon as possible.

  • A 1 years 41 days ago
    My case number is 515256. It's been months since anyone has contacted me of the very close to potential manslaughter committed by one of your drivers who mustn't have been past his 30s. He so badly wanted to make a left turn and believed pedestrians don't have the right of way even though I had the white person signal and was already almost half way crossing the lanes. He didn't apologize or do something to make sure I was fine or show that he was sorry and wrong and irresponsible in what he did. If he can't see, then he should not be working for you. To top that, no one has contacted me over this so I am led to believe you wish I would just go away. Well I won't. My life is valuable no matter what corporate advocacy or your driver believe. You have no right to make me believe my life is disposable.

    • Linda from SuperShuttle 1 years 37 days ago
      a3: I'm sorry for the lack of effort we’ve shown to further resolve your case report 515256. I have forwarded this additional information to my Cases Management team. One of our Case Managers will be in contact. - Linda

  • Russell Dacasin 1 years 57 days ago
    Customer Support Philippines is appreciative of the service you provide to our people last year when they were in the US. Kudos to your business and we hope that you continue this quality customer service you provide.

    • Linda from SuperShuttle 1 years 57 days ago
      We appreciate all the kind words, Russell! I'm glad to see we were able to make your experience a great one. We hope to see you again soon!

  • Rick 1 years 94 days ago
    Reserved, prepaid, and confirmed reservation 3 days in advance to be picked up from DFW airport at a decent time of 9:30PM, Called them up as instructed to checked in and was directed to wait at the waiting area by gate A12. Called them up after 1 hour and dispatch told me that it is coming. Called them up after 30 minutes and dispatch told me that the van is already at the airport entrance and will be at the curb side in 10 minutes. Called again after 30 minutes at almost 11:15PM and was advised that they ran out of van and no van will be coming. I was told to get alternative options to get home and call them back in the morning if I need refund. Called the following day and the agent told me that I was picked up at 11 PM and was dropped of at my destination at 11:07.....WOW that was so ridiculous, very unreliable service.... How can that happen? If that is the case, maybe they should change their name to Super Space Shuttle that can take you to your destination in seconds. Should have told me that they could not deliver their service in the first place... rather than me getting home so late at almost midnight missing all the festivities that I could have attended... It was the worst ever experience with a shared ride service at the airport

  • Newton 1 years 142 days ago
    I put my blog online on the 8th but it did not post online. If you are not letting people post their blog for some reason then why should let the blog keep on going? And this is maybe why there are so few blog left.

    • Newton 1 years 128 days ago
      First of all, clearly I did not use any foul language if the record of my message is still in file. I believe it is easily to discover that and I hope you will post it on blog to prove I have not use any foul language as you incline to describe. I use super shuttle for the past 10 years, each year like 4 times. Feb 8 I booked the bus 6:15 am pick up for my son going to China from DFW by AA. The driver of #338(or 33?) if I recall correctly. If you check the record should be able to find the car and driver. Since the original message I left was on the 8th but disappeared on the blog. The pick up was on the 6:30, the driver cant locate our condo and keep on saying its 5 am in the morning so he can't see it, but it is actually 6:30. There are number at each door way and wall of outside the condo building. I think the real reason is he didn't bother to get out the car to check for the unit number. He got a bad attitude which makes me not happy for the service. Its a very small condo complex with only 7 building, if he know what he is doing there is no problem at all to find where we are. He claim he is 25 years experienced driver but what shown is someone less patient in finding an unit. There were two other passenger inside the van if you can locate them it would be the best witness for this incident. Best, Newton

      • Shauna from SuperShuttle 1 years 128 days ago
        I'm sorry to read about your experience, Newton. Do you have a confirmation number? If so, please post it here so I can notify customer care of the incident and they can use the records they have access to and follow up with you offline. In the meantime, I'll notify the GM at DFW of Van 338's behavior.

        • Newton 1 years 128 days ago
          Actually after time passed I am over with it now. It is no need for further investigation, I just want to express my feeling and wish you can value an old customer's opinion. Thanks, Newton

    • Shauna from SuperShuttle 1 years 142 days ago
      Newton: Do you mean that you left a comment? It must not have processed... As you can see below, we invite comments from customers, even complaints and frustrations. The only thing we limit is foul language and spam. Feel free to repost your comment anytime.

  • sumi Jeong 1 years 155 days ago
    I was almost involved an accident this evening on the way home. It took place on the Connecticut ave ( rt 185) from DC to MD. I was driving far left lane and Supershuttle van (plate H520992)tried to drive my lane so I had to drive left turn lane in order to avoid accident and I did honk, honk... I followed that van and got this plate number in order to not to dangerous drive...

    • Shauna from SuperShuttle 1 years 149 days ago
      Sumi: Just wanted to update you that the vehicle's operator was identified and our local GM and Safety Manager are working with the operator to ensure it won't happen again. Thank you again for bringing it to our attention.

    • Shauna from SuperShuttle 1 years 154 days ago
      Thank you for letting us know, Sumi. I'll pass onto the local team now so the issue can be properly addressed.


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